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May 19, 2008


Ok Jose now for us ordinary folks - bonnie


Actully i am interested in something similar.

Actully i have created local SMS communities FREE of COST for people to communicate in groups.

But corrently i am using a computer running my sms gateway software and connected Mobile phones as GSM modems.


The solution now i want is something like mercurio.

Actully i want to use NOKIA 6600 running a daemon which recieves SMS and call a php script on my website posting the data of SMS via GPRS.

The part above is same as you have done.

But, for sending SMS, i also want to use the 6600. In other words, the computer part should be completely eliminated as running it 24 hours ON is a problem.

So i have developed a picture in my mind as a script on phone POLLING the web .php url every 1 minute and check for any message to send if any.

And if messages exist in outbox table of website, they are queued into the outbox of Handset.

Also you know, 1 alone handset cant deliver 4-5000 SMS per day. and also National SMS cost more.

So i am planning to put different Handsets of NOKIA 6600 in different states having LOCAL SMS PLAN activated on them, to cut the costs.

Each Handset will have its channel id like 1001, 1002 etc. and it will poll like so that my script can do load balancing.

Please reply as soon as possible and email me on [email protected].

For any queries and my ideas, ask me.

Thanks and regards


This looks promising.
Have you made any progress since 2008?

Any chance you could make it full application instead of all the console work?

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