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December 01, 2006


Gerald DeLeon

Is there a way to sync using usb instead of bluetooth?


Hi Gerald,

I've never heard of anyone syncing on a Mac with usb, but it should be possible. Try doing a google search with iSync and USB and see what you get. Once iSync is configured to work with your phone, the transport mechanism should be irrelevant.



thank you thank you thank you. Works like a dream

Tim Morley

Update: with OS X 10.4.9 (just released and coming to your Mac soon via Software Update), Apple now provide everything needed to make your Mac and your Nokia e61 get along fine, so you no longer need third party bits and pieces to do it.

Top marks to the providers of said third party goodies though, for allowing me to sync my data for nine months before Apple got round to it.



This is great thanks.

Any idea what number I need to input for a NOKIAE61 on the Three network?



Hi Ian,

As I posted on the top of the post, now you can use your E61 with a Mac without any special hacks. Turn the bluetooth on your phone and on your mac and then click on the bluetooth icon in System Preferences. From there click on "Set up new device" on the lower right hand corner and you'll be all set.

Any specific phone numbers or GPRS CID strings you may need you can get from 3 directly. If you call their support number they should gladly give it to you.


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